Freitag, 5. August 2011

The Subways

Billy - Charlotte - Josh
"The hotel is on the right side now, right?" - my driver Herr Richter and the courteous buttons Simon.
So h'w bright is it brother?
Photo credit: Anke Charity Schneider. With this stylish 3-some you already approved that there's a good vibe for the little PENTI. Go on like that! Thanks for all your support. I send the certificate of lecutres via postal mail to you.
Photo credit: Josh Morgan

This series are dedicated to Charlotte, Josh and Billy, to Anke, Simon, Lisa and Mr. Starke of Cosmo hotel.
Wonderful session for Visions magazine. Berlin, 02.08.11. Usage only after permission. Photo syndication via


  1. Die Penti macht die besten Portraits, super cool. Gefallen mir total gut deine Bilder!

  2. Ja, sehr nett! und die PENTI kommt groß raus …